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  • News

    • The Status Of Diamond Grinding Wheel

      What is the diamond wheel? It is used the diamond abrasive as raw materials, and metal powder, resin powder, vitrified powder as a binder to make the circular abrasive tools. What are the advantages o


    • Grinding Characteristics And Precautions For Use Of Ultra-thin Cutting Wheel

      ultra-thin cutting wheel more use of fine-grained, and the general thickness of the thinner abrasive granularity will be correspondingly fine, processing surface quality is good. However, the finer the granularity of the abrasive is, the sharper the cutting sharpness decreases, and the feed speed is correspondingly reduced to adapt to the machinability of the abrasive grain size.


    • Advantages of Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel in PDC Processing

      PDC is a composite material of diamond micro-powder and cemented carbide substrate sintered at high temperature and high pressure. Its wear ratio is generally 13 to 400,000 and it is extremely difficult to process. The vitrified diamond wheel also has the following 5 advantages over the resin diamond wheel when processing PDC:


    • Ceramic bond diamond wheel

      The ceramic binder is an inorganic silicate material, such as glass, ceramic or glass-ceramic, which is used to consolidate the diamond abrasive during the preparation. The advantages of ceramic bond diamond wheels


    • Diamond/CBN Cup Wheel

      Grinding is currently one of the main machining methods for semi-finishing and finishing. Grinding wheels are important tools in the grinding process. Grinding wheels are generally installed on surface grinders, cylindrical grinders and internal grinders, and can also be mounted on grinders to sharpen cutting tools.


    • Diamond grinding wheel construction

      Diamond grinding wheel consists of working layer, substrate, transition layer 1. Working layer: diamond layer, composed of abrasives, binders and fillers, it is the working part of the grinding wheel


    • How to judge the life of the diamond grinding wheel?

      Between two trims, the actual grinding time of the grinding wheel is called the life of the grinding wheel. The life of the grinding wheel is an important factor affecting the grinding process, especially for molding grinding. How to judge the life of the diamond grinding wheel?


    • Resin abrasive wheel cleaning and installation method

      Cleaning method: 1. Grinding on the belt with diamond grinding wheels in the production process. 2. The general grinding wheel should be removed for cleaning after running 5-7 days.


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