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    Ceramic bond diamond wheel

    2018-06-30 09:39:36

    The ceramic binder is an inorganic silicate material, such as glass, ceramic or glass-ceramic, which is used to consolidate the diamond abrasive during the preparation. The advantages of ceramic bond diamond wheels are as below:

    (1) The ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel has characteristics with acid and alkali resistance, water and oil resistance;

    (2) The ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel has good rigidity. The grinding tool has less distortion in the grinding process, and the workpiece machining precision is higher;

    (3) The ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel is porous and easy to trim. At the same time, the size and number of air holes in the grinding tool can be adjusted by adding pore-forming substances. During the grinding process, it is not easy to clog and burn the workpiece. The processing efficiency is higher;

    (4) The vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel is solidified the diamond abrasive material through glass or a ceramic material under high temperature sintering or fusing conditions. Therefore, the ceramic binder can still have a better bonding strength with the diamond under the high temperature. The bonding strength of the diamond wheel can be applied to heavier load grinding. Since the ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel has the above advantages, it has a very important position in the grinding processing applications. The ceramic bond performance always is the focus of research in the abrasive industry. According to the different changes of the bonding agent morphology in the sintering process, the ceramic bonding agent is generally divided into a sintering bonding agent and a fusing bonding agent. If according to the components and the preparation process, the ceramic bonding agent is divided into the mineral ceramic binders, glass melting binders and glass-ceramic binders.

    NANZHU company specializes in diamond and CBN tools, including resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond and electroplated grinding wheel.