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    Advantages of Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel in PDC Processing

    2018-06-30 09:39:47

       PDC is a composite material of diamond micro-powder and cemented carbide substrate sintered at high temperature and high pressure. Its wear ratio is generally 13 to 400,000 and it is extremely difficult to process. The vitrified diamond wheel also has the following 5 advantages over the resin diamond wheel when processing PDC:

    1. The grinding efficiency of ceramic grinding wheel is more than 3 times that of resin grinding wheel;

    2. In the whole grinding process, the grinding wheel does not need to be trimmed except for the sharpening of the first grinding wheel surface. The resin grind wheel must be trimmed 7 to 12 times, otherwise the workpiece cannot be ground;

    3. The ground PDC is different in shape. The side of the PDC processed by the resin grinding wheel is projected into an isosceles trapezoid. One end of the diamond layer is far larger than the other end of the substrate, while the side of the PDC processed by the ceramic grinding wheel is projected into a rectangle, and the two end faces have the same size. The resin grinding wheel has a certain degree of elasticity, and it will produce a certain concession in the grinding process. The vitrified grinding wheel, due to its large overall elastic modulus, good rigidity and high temperature resistance, will not produce a knife when grinding.

    4. The workpiece finish is better than the resin grinding wheel.

    5. Large feeds can be used. If the resin grinding wheel uses a large feed, either the grinding wheel cannot move the workpiece or the grinding wheel collapses.

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