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    Diamond/CBN Cup Wheel

    2018-06-30 09:39:24

    Grinding is currently one of the main machining methods for semi-finishing and finishing. Grinding wheels are important tools in the grinding process. Grinding wheels are generally installed on surface grinders, cylindrical grinders and internal grinders, and can also be mounted on grinders to sharpen cutting tools.

    According to different uses, grinding methods and types of grinding machines, grinding wheels are made into various shapes and sizes. Commonly used grinding wheels include flat grinding wheels, cylindrical grinding wheels, double bevel grinding wheels, cup-shaped grinding wheels, bowl-shaped grinding wheels, dish-shaped grinding wheels etc. .

    The cup-shaped grinding wheel is mainly used for milling cutters, reamers, drill tools, broaches, paper cutters, cutting tobacco cutters etc. It can also be used for surface grinding (the end face of the cup-shaped grinding wheel is the working face).

    The choice of wheel elements

    (1) For grinding hard materials, we should choose a soft and rough grit grinding wheel. For grinding soft materials, should choose a hard and fine grain size grinding wheels. It makes the grinding wheel less wear and isn’t easy to clog.

    (2) To increase the productivity when rough grinding, we should choose a fine grit and soft wheel. In order to improve the surface quality of the workpiece, it is necessary to select a hard grinding wheel with rough grit.

    (3) For large-area grinding or thin-walled parts grinding, it should be chose a grinding wheel with a small grain size, large organization number and soft. In this way, the grinding wheel is not easy to clog, the surface of the workpiece is hard to burn, and the workpiece is not easily deformed.

    (4)For Forming grinding, the grinding wheels should be rough grain size, small organization number, and hard to maintain the profile of the grinding wheel.

    NANZHU company specializes in diamond and CBN tools, including resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond and electroplated grinding wheel.