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  • News

    • Grinding Characteristics And Precautions For Use Of Ultra-thin Cutting Wheel

      ultra-thin cutting wheel more use of fine-grained, and the general thickness of the thinner abrasive granularity will be correspondingly fine, processing surface quality is good. However, the finer the granularity of the abrasive is, the sharper the cutting sharpness decreases, and the feed speed is correspondingly reduced to adapt to the machinability of the abrasive grain size.


    • Diamond grinding wheel construction

      Diamond grinding wheel consists of working layer, substrate, transition layer 1. Working layer: diamond layer, composed of abrasives, binders and fillers, it is the working part of the grinding wheel


    • How to judge the life of the diamond grinding wheel?

      Between two trims, the actual grinding time of the grinding wheel is called the life of the grinding wheel. The life of the grinding wheel is an important factor affecting the grinding process, especially for molding grinding. How to judge the life of the diamond grinding wheel?


    • Basic Characteristics of CBN Grinding Wheel Internal Grinding

      Due to the limitation of the inner hole diameter of the workpiece, the diameter of the inner grinding wheel is small, and the rotation speed is also limited by the spindle speed of the inner grinder (usually 10000~20000r/min). The peripheral


    • Attention in electroplating process of electroplating grinding wheel

      Vitrified diamond grinding wheel is made of abrasive, bond, hardness, shape and size. 1. Abrasive: Abrasive is the main material of diamond grinding wheel, it is responsible for cutting.


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