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    Performance Analysis of Diamond Wheel Materials

    2018-01-12 16:03:29

    1. Diamond single crystals are widely used in high-temperature superconductors, film substrates, and laser parts. The use of these new materials is brittle due to brittleness and is often accompanied by a large number of processing problems.

    2. Due to its own excellent properties, such as high hardness, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high stiffness to weight ratio, low density and strong chemical inertness, ceramic materials make it in science and industry. The application is increasingly widespread.

    3, diamond wheel ceramic bonding agent is ceramic or glass, the binding agent is good, can withstand high temperature, grinding is suitable for finishing, will not produce knife phenomenon. The ceramic bonding agent has strong adhesion to the abrasive grains, good angular retention performance, and high-precision grinding.

    4. The ceramic grinding wheel can be adjusted in hardness and porosity during the manufacturing process, which is conducive to the improvement of grinding performance. Through reasonable ratio and production control, no distortion occurs, which is also the reason for the high precision of the grinding wheel.

    5, diamond grinding wheel is the hardest material in nature, using it made of grinding wheel to solve the glass, ceramics and other high hardness materials processing problems. For newly-developed engineering ceramics such as silicon nitride, when grinding with a resin or metal bond diamond grinding wheel, the bond agent's holding force on the abrasive grains is liable to be insufficient and wear is increased; or the toughness of the bonding agent is excessive, and the grinding wheel is With fewer pores, the grinding force is reduced, and it is difficult to trim the grinding wheel, which makes the grinding process more difficult.