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    Precautions for use of superthin grinding wheel

    2018-01-12 14:55:44

    1. Please check carefully before installing the cutting wheel to confirm whether the cutting wheel is deformed, cracked or broken.

    2. When the flange is too small or the precision is poor, it is easy to damage the cutting wheel. Please use it after improvement.

    3. When the cutting wheel is marked with the direction of rotation, it must be consistent with the direction of rotation of the machine. On the contrary, it is not sharp and difficult to exert the performance of the cutting wheel.

    4. If a cutting wheel that does not match the workpiece is used, it is prone to cause abnormal wear, poor sharpness and heat etc.

    5. If any abnormality is found during cutting, stop working immediately.

    6. When the cutting is not sharp, it is necessary to trim the grinding wheel. If you continue to use it, it will cause overheating and overloading to break the grinding wheel.

    7. In the rotation of the grinding wheel, it is forbidden to cut by hand, and it is not allowed to touch the grinding wheel by hand and body.

    8. It is strictly prohibited to use the cutting wheel for operations, except for grooving or cutting, so as to avoid abnormalities because of uneven force.

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